Thursday, October 30, 2008
Preschool Chronicles

Does Diego look perplexed? Like he's had a rough week? It's probably because I caught him sharing cheerios with his cousin yesterday ("And one for YOU..." clued me in on what was happening). Problem was, it was the 4 1/2 week old cousin he was sharing with. (We are so lucky that cousin is a third child, or we'd be disowned). "Mama", he protested as I frantically swept my nephew's mouth, "the baby needs to EAT. Not just milk!"

Fast forward to this morning. Somehow, he managed to wedge his spoon inside his lower teeth. Yes, wedge it. Much screaming and tugging ensued, my mind flashing to how well this one was going to go over in the emergency room. The spoon finally came loose, and I extracted a promise that he would simply eat his food without any further experimentation in utensil management.

Now running late, we went to get dressed. It's costume day at school. I endured arguments that Diego does NOT wear a long sleeved shirt (it obviously isn't 45 degrees in the South American Jungle, or wherever he hangs out), he does NOT wear jeans (I decided that this one wasn't worth fighting), and that he DOES wear BROWN PANTS (!) (That one I won by pulling out a picture of Diego).

We got to preschool and I, camera in tow, began to walk into his class. "You CAN'T come in, don't have a costume!".

I gave up, dropped him off and treated myself to a coffee and a productive morning of work for the elementary school's fall festival.

I figured the ban on costume-less mamas didn't extend to the parade, so I grabbed my camera, and got there to find (of course) that my child was the reluctant, overwhelmed parade marcher (feet-dragger? teacher-clinger? costume slogger?).

Here he is deciding if he's going to join the sweet, cooperative children in lining up for a group photo...

Thank you, Lord, that you made him so cute. It saves his bacon every time.

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Monday, October 27, 2008
Looking for me?
I've been juggling illness (mine and the Little Guy's) and plans for an upcoming trip with my hubby and some dear friends. AND moving back into our house...hooray!

Oh, and I also got to have lunch with Rebekah and the Sweet Tea gang was wonderful to see her again.

But, if you're curious, I'm hanging out here this week.

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Monday, October 13, 2008
The Weekend In Bullet Points (In no particular order)

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Saturday, October 11, 2008
God's Economy
Breakfast at Mimi's for the Princess and I : $13.00
Donating a book to the Women's ministry at Family Life: $17.50
Profit on the half-dozen books sold at the function--probably a wash

Being able to encourage(and be encouraged by) a group of godly women: Absolutely Priceless

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. --Matthew 6:19-20

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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Thursday Thirteen: Choosing to be Thankful
It's been a LONG time since I've done one of these, but it seems like a good focusing tool today.

Thirteen things I'm thankful for

1. I have a roof over my head. As I watch/read/listen to the news, I realize that we're fortunate to have a place to call home, even we've been temporarily displaced. Let's face it. Four bedrooms, a HUGE kitchen, and a isn't exactly roughing it (especially after a week of living in our home with all of the dryers/dehumidifiers blowing circuits and roaring around the clock).

2. Nothing of true importance was damaged. My daughter took the hardest hit, as her mattress is toast, most of her shoes were ruined, and her backpack full of homework and notes was soaked--but we've been able to replace or dry out most of her stuff. My irreplacables--my photo albums and files--were either high and dry, or we were able to backup.

3.I'm getting new kitchen cabinets. I've always felt my kitchen was cramped and dark...the new cupboards are much more "me".

4. We're getting new flooring. The carpet was toast before we moved in, so this can only be a good thing...and it will eventually only be good for resale (I hope).

5.Our restoration company has thrown in some little fixes here and there that we simply haven't gotten around to in the past year and a half.

6.People have been kind and compassionate. We've had friends from church do our laundry (and we generate a LOT of laundry), lend a hand with the kids, and bring us yummy dinners.

7.My children are resilient and have their priorities straight. Both older children have made the statement that this is pretty much nothing compared to sarcoma!

8.God is using my little book. Just today two people told me that He used it to speak to them, and it really met them right where they were at (oh, and that it sounds just like me talking! Good job, Keith and Libby, looks like you met your goal on that one!).

9. Opportunities to share about the book are slowly starting to come in. Tonight, I was invited to share at the preschool parent association meeting and set up a book table there. Next week, I get to share at my home church service and at our women's meeting.

10. While a bit battered in spirit, there's nothing wrong with my body right now. I'm happy to be able to stress manage at the gym, over the sewing machine, and volunteering at the kids' schools.

11.I'm being given the chance (again!) to practice patience as I wait for the insurance company to respond, wait for our finances to straighten out, wait for the restoration to progress...

12. My husband has cheerfully served his family throughout our ordeal and is wading through forests of red tape for us while still shouldering his full commute/work load.

13. "My circumstances are not my truth". I wrote this in my Bible study notebook just a few days before "Hurricane Kenmore". It remains a valid statement.

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