Monday, March 26, 2007
Q: What's worse than round 5 of chemo?
A: Recovering from round 5 of chemo.

While managing (barely) to stay at home this time, my energy levels have been so low that by Friday all I had the energy to do was cry (and couldn't manage to stop). My mom and her hubby had mercy on me and came down early for my birthday "celebration" that was Saturday.

It ended up being a lovely birthday. We had a lunch picnic at the soccer fields (both teams won--horray!) with Mom and Mr. B, as well as my sister and her family, then a family party at home complete with kid-created malted-milk cupcakes. I got some beautiful gifts from family and friends close and far away.

For someone who continues to struggle with measuring my "worth" with what I can check off my list rather than fully grasping the truth that my worth is only found in my salvation by grace through faith, the recovery weeks are not just physical battles, but deeply mental and spiritual ones. I'm so grateful for my dedicated prayer warriors and continue to covet all of your prayers as the last round is (barring yucky blood counts) scheduled to begin on Saturday afternoon.

On the upside--adreneline is a miracle. Despite barely feeling human for two weeks (I'm beginning to feel better today), I got an amazing birthday present. My friend Meredith delivered an absolutely gorgeous baby girl at 11:48 pm that night...and I was able to doula for her. It was an amazing lift (as always) to be part of something so special. Baby K will remain my favorite birthday memory for years to come.

In other" doula "news, my friend Amy's "baby" is officially due on the 16th of April, but some of us were lucky enough to see her in advance. If you enjoy excellent Christian fiction, get out there and read Ransomed Dreams. This book was the reason for at least one night of insomina last week, as I could not put it down! I'm getting more and more excited about being able to go to her book launch party...

The kids continue to plug along, and Little Guy is out of his "Elmo Leg" and into a "boot". As usual, nothing slows him down (smile).

I'll try not to fall off the end of the blogosphere again. Thanks to all who have called/emailed to check in.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Well, blogger just ate a long and reflective post. Sigh...

I'll just jot the summary.

God is good. No, the house has not sold,but we have seen some small and beautiful miracles. We have a car (hooray) and are thankful to Meredith for her long term loan.

To the friends who blessed us with your beautiful letter, thank you. I still cry when I read the wisdom contained in those pages. Thank you for being the hands of Christ to us in this season.

I'm should be discharged from the chemo (round 5 of 6) tomorrow and will go home to where my blessed in-laws are holding down the fort at great personal cost--we love you guys!

The little one is letting NOTHING hold him back in the cast department, and we're counting the days until he gets the silly thing off (Hopefully March 21).

We're still praying for the house to sell and continue to covet your prayers as well.

God is Good.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007
A Guest Blog...With Some Editorial Comments
One of our long term goals for our children is that they would not only be independent learners, but that they would love to learn. This week, our eldest read a parody of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwoky in a library book. With permission from mom, she went online to find and read the original poem (and some really funny parodies that are floating around).

After yesterday's (cough) "field trip" to Sea World, she produced her own parody. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Twas’ chilly, and at Dolphin Cove
The sleek grey mammals made some waves.
All whimsy were the polar bears,
The sea turtles looked grave.

Beware the Kraken ride, my son.
Its floorless terror has many killed
Beware the orca whale and shun
The water it has spilled.

He took his water gun in hand,
Long time the speeding foe he sought.
So rested he by the Jazzy Jellies,
And stood a while in thought.

And as in thoughts of ice cream pops
The Kraken ride, with screaming voice
Came rushing through the penguin show
And screeched to a stop.

One-Two! One-Two! And through and through
The water gun goes splish and splash.
He left it dead, and with its head
He rode Atlantis back.

And hast thou killed the Kraken ride?
Come to my arms, my soaking boy!
Oh what a day! Shamu! Hooray!
He waddled in his joy.

Twas’ chilly, and at Dolphin Cove,
The sleek gray mammals made some waves.
All whimsy were the polar bears.
The sea turtles looked grave.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Wordless Wednesday
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Monday, March 05, 2007
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You like me, you really like me!
Seriously, thank you so much for all of you who have emailed wondering how I am doing. The simple answer is better. The complicated answer is that I'm still reeling from an incredibly rough patch.

The Presidents' Day holiday was lovely...we spent it walking around "Dinoworld" with my sister, her husband, and my dino-fanatic nephew (and his cute little brother). I noticed that I was tired, and that I had some funky mouth sores and an upset stomach, but chalked it up to being a week post-chemo and went to bed early. My husband sent out an email update to our friends that day that was pretty upbeat, an action we would later view with deep irony.

Tuesday the little guy started throwing up...and throwing up...and throwing up. In a Holy Spirit-inspired moment, my father-in-law called and offered to come and clean vomit off of the couch and get my son to soccer that afternoon. I immediately took him up on it. He got there just in time--throughout the day, I had moments where I was so weak I could barely muster up the energy to cry! By that evening, I realized that I was showing symptoms of anemia (again). My husband drove me to the cancer center where I had a transfusion and we arrived home around 4am.

Wednesday, I noticed that the transfusion was NOT working its usual magic. Dad had stayed to take care of the kids (hooray Dad!)and I spent most of the day in bed or dragging around trying to help, as we had decided maybe a few days at Grandma's would be good for our "littles" while Mom got better. The car was packed, but I began to run a fever. Back to the hospital--this time I was admitted for low white counts.

Thursday I was informed I "could not" go home until my white counts were up. I was NOT prepared for this, and was not a happy camper (especially since I was feeling better after hydration and a few bags of antibiotics!). Thursday evening my husband called and let me know we were experiencing a first in our eleven years of parenting--we had a child with a broken bone and he was calling from the Urgent Care Center. Yes, our daredevil almost-2 year old was at it again and had a "toddler fracture" of his right tibia! Now, the mother bear was really pacing in her cage!

Friday, I informed the resident that I was going home TODAY, even if I had to check myself out and wear a mask at home! Thankfully, they were and my mom and I beat it home to Orlando in time for me to go and be with the daredevil while he was casted.

Saturday was soccer and the little guy's birthday. Sunday was a big family party. Monday and Tuesday we tried to catch up from our disaster week, and from Wednesday on, my father was here to visit. Saturday was all day soccer and the arrival of my friend Laurie (hooray!) and her son (double hooray!) and Sunday was church and sending my husband off to California for the week.

So, where have I been? Honesty, laying low and trying to process it all. In the end analysis, for every "bump" in the road, God had a blessing waitng, but it's easier to wallow sometimes and be negative...

There are lots of blogs percolating in my head. Maybe this is the first step in setting them free.

And thanks again for checking helps me remember just how loved I am.

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