Monday, August 27, 2007
Monday, Monday...OR Swiping Susan's Weekend Window Idea
How can I be so tired when it's only 9:15??

Soccer madness began this weekend with our son's in-house tournament in the hideous mugginess that Floridians call "summer". He had two games on Saturday, one of which was stopped at the half because of severe weather and rescheduled for the next morning.

In between shuttling back and forth to the pitches, we managed to "squeeze" in repainting the upstairs bathroom, and trips to Wal-Mart and Home Depot. As I waited for games to start, I furiously sewed buttons on a cheap valence. By some DIY magic, it's now one of the cutest window treatments ever. You've got to love redoing an entire room for under $100. Viva Wal-Mart and IKEA. Our oldest helped manage the younger siblings, baked some delish pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and was taxied to a youth group social.

Sunday morning we put the now "100 Acre Sky" bathroom back together. Hubby and most of the kids headed off to church; the super-goalie and I were back to the soccer fields for the second half of the rescheduled game. (A brief rant: I HATE when I'm forced to choose between our value of attending corporate worship and our value of loyalty/active participation. I KNOW this was a reschedule, but do you think it could have been done to accommodate the fact that over half of our soccer team practices some sort of faith??). We went back and forth to two more games, the second of which (supposedly the final) the coaches agreed to cancel because of severe weather. We weren't ten minutes down the road when we got the call that the club director overrode the coach's agreement and called us back for a seven o'clock final. Which they played in the pouring rain. I'm happy to report that they won.

I'm not quite as happy that between running kids to AWANA and winning this tournament, we ended up grabbing a very late dinner, which led to an unusually rough Monday morning. (Think forgotten homework, impromptu teacher conferences, and a 2 year old who thinks he should drive...not to mention lots of STUFF that Mom needs to move from Point A to Point B).

All of this begs the question, WHY am I drinking decaf this morning???

I'm off to start a pot of the real stuff. And more laundry.

Happy Monday.

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Friday, August 24, 2007
Cute but not too bright...
You know you spent ten years living in the desert when you don't have access to an umbrella and get COMPLETELY drenched walking your child home from school.

We've been here close to 8 months's probably time to stock up.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Moving on and settling in
One of the things I hated most about trying to relocated during the height of my cancer treatment was that my physical and psychological exhaustion left me at a point of living each day in pure survival mode. Most days, the most ponderous decision I could make was what we should have for dinner (not that I could eat it most of the time), and most of the time it was just easier to let someone else make decisions for me.

Case in point--when we purchased our new home, it looked like someone both manic AND color blind had decorated it. We paid to have it painted from top to bottom, but the chore of picking out colors was just too much for me. So, the downstairs living area I had painted the same color as our home in Arizona (which I love and goes with all of our things),and the rest of the house I had painted in a clean, albeit boring off-white.

Every day, as I feel stronger, it's easier to make the house a little bit more "ours", and the prospect of decorating and brightening doesn't seem so overwhelming. The downstairs bath is now a soft, sherbert-ish peach color, with a sweet quilted (and on sale!) window treatment that matches one of my favorite cross-stitch pieces (and one of the few I've ever kept for myself). The little guy's room is "100 Acre Blue"--thanks to my interior decorator neighbor--punctuated with all of his favorite things (trains and Muppets) and a window treatment that I'm proud to say I designed and made myself (for less than $15). I just finished painting a the princess' room a yellow as sunshiny as she is and her window treatments arrived yesterday. I've even got the upstairs kids' bath and ds 1's rooms planned out, and tentative plans for the loft. It's as if the house and I are finally embracing each other, rather than fighting.

In the spirit of embracing the community, we've also, (with much fear and trembling) enrolled the older three children in the local public schools. After ten plus years of indoctrination in the conservative home school movement, this is akin to placing them directly in the jowls of Satan himself, but so far the Lord has opened doors for them AND given this Mommy tremendous peace each morning as I watch them fly the nest for the day.

We may have even found a church. The preaching is excellent, but the location is not at all local, and I can't decide if the people are not friendly or if I'm still in guarded mode. Time will tell, and we'll continue to trust God for the right church home for us. It seems an easy thing to trust Him with as we continue to have to turn over things like unsold property and health issues.

My biggest downer right now is missing my beloved CBS class. I'm over 45 minutes away from one here, but I'm ready for the fellowship and the discipline of being part of a regular study.

Slowly, slowly, this community is becoming our home.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007
Thursday Thirteen

Sheesh. A girl can't even feel sorry for herself when:

1. Laurie writes such a sweet tribute! (The graphic is for you, Mrs. M!) Although, just for the record, me telling you that you looked beautiful had NOTHING to do with your dress size and everything to do with how you were glowing that afternoon!

2. All the school supply shopping is done for all three school age kids!! (Okay, the older ones still need to pick out their backpacks, but that's no big deal).

3. My in-laws resupplied me with wheat berries. There will be a bread run to Sarasota soon! (but not until the heat wave breaks!)

4. I haven't had to clean up a poop accident all week. (If you don't have a toddler, I'll just tell you, this is a wonderful thing). Hooray for the two-year-old!

5. My grandmother sent a belated monetary gift for our anniversary. With my cards waiting to be replaced, it was nice to have the cash to treat Trevor and Josh to a day at Wonderworks and a yummy dinner.

6. These were calling out my name while shopping at Target. I chose not to resist the urge to add a little beauty to my day. (I did cough, cough, um, "frugally" use a recycled vase!)

7. I can smile even when I toss stuff in the trash. My husband remember that I've coveted this on several trips to Morganton, and he had Steve stop on the way home from the groom's breakfast to buy one for me. He even had them go to another storeroom to find one in a finish I would like. Who knew a trash can could be so romantic?

8. I finished this in more than enough time for my sister's friend's baby shower. It was nice to do something for this young lady, who sent me dozens of beautiful scarves and a care package during my first round of chemo in Los Angeles...even if working with the furry orange fabric made my bedroom look like a Muppet crime scene (think Fargo---but put Zoe from Sesame Street in the wood chopper!)

9. We have a CARPOOL for daughter #1's soccer training. This is huge, as she won't have her driver's license until the second semester of her senior year of high school. Her new team trains close to 45 minutes away, so this will save me hours and hours of commute time this year.

10. The kids are back in piano lessons, and we love their new teacher. She even recommended a piano tuner to us...thank goodness, because moving a piano from the desert to the swamp is more than a little hard on the instrument, and on our ears as well.

11. The piano teacher's daughter is an absolute doll...AND she's willing to babysit for us. Oh happy, happy day. I'm not sure what we can afford to do once we actually pay her, but it might be worth it just to sit in the car and hold hands!

12. Saturday is Girl's Day Out in Tampa. My mom, sisters, and I are taking the 'tween shopping for some 8th grade-worthy clothing. With all of that backup, she doesn't have to worry about mom being totally uncool.

13. Despite the miserable weather ('s NOT a "dry heat" here!) we have functioning air conditioning in the house and cars AND my family doesn't mind endless salad based meals (Chinese chicken slaw, pasta salad, Greek salad and hummus) AND Sonic has happy hour every day (Half price slushes, kids!).

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Putting one foot in front of the other
My new van has an ouch.

A big one.

Praise God for insurance and previously good driving records.

We lost our appeal for out-of-district middle school placement for our two oldest children as well.

Sigh...I'm kind of waiting to see what happens next to us.

I'm also praying for my dear, dear friend today as she goes to the doctor. I know what kind of news I so don't want her to get.

2 Corinthians 4:17
17For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

1Peter 1:6-7
6In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, 7so that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007
They've been married a WEEK!

Am I really old enough to have a friend who is a mother-in-law??

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Despite the unsold house, petty theft, potty training, and other percolating worries best left for hands more capable than my own, despite the fact that I've done a really job of documenting in in either photographs or blogging, summer has been full of halcyon days.

Halcyon. I love how that word rolls across my mind and my tongue. Kind of like marshmallow, but more sophisticated, don't you think?


–adjective Also, hal·cy·o·ni·an

1. calm; peaceful; tranquil: halcyon weather.; wealthy; prosperous: halcyon times of peace.
3.happy; joyful; carefree: halcyon days of youth.

My mind has taken so many snapshots in these last weeks--even if my camera has been idle.

Catalogued in my album of halcyon summer days would be:

--watching my children splash and drift in the gulf waves

--the fuzz and prickle of hair (!), ditching my headscarves

--the aroma of cookies (six different kinds, at least 400 total!) filling my house, their fragrance combining with my prayers for Brad and Ashely as their wedding approached.

--the sounds of the water slide and children's laughter at the community pool, and the smell and taste of cheap and slightly waterlogged pizza

--brushing my husband's hand as we picked blueberries in the cool green undergrowth of Steve and Laurie's yard and popping the dew fresh berries into our mouths.

--my friend's radiant beauty and tremulous hand grasp as she watched her son greet his bride.

--seeing my baby greet me (after almost a week with grandma and grandpa) with delight--not the anger that always followed a post-hospitalization reunion, and hearing that the Princess slept by herself at "Camp Grandparents", not with Grandma and Grandpa.

--participating in the mass family potty victory dance and song ("M-- made a po-op; He made it in the pot-ty! YEAH M---!!!").

For once, summer is ending too quickly for me. We had our first session with the new piano teacher yesterday. The children will be starting school soon, "real" school, according to the princess, and soccer season gears up next week (complete with the new and not-so-improved commute to my daughter's training complex). Life is moving on.

But hopefully, not moving on before I can tuck away a few more halcyon summer days.

  posted at 8:21 AM  

Thursday, August 02, 2007
An Open Letter
Dear Mean Person who stole my wallet out of my GROCERY CART at Albertson's today,

First of all, thank you for leaving my children alone.

Secondly, I hope you had lots of fun spending the approximately 73 cents you found in it...oh, and the $9 left on my JoAnn's gift card (maybe you'll scrapbook your theft??). Unfortunately (for you at least) my ATM and credit cards were cancelled within the hour, so you won't have too much luck with them.

As to what you plan to do with a Sam's card, a bunch of frequent shopper club cards, a medical alert card...well, have fun. Ditto for the bald chick ID.

Finally, thank you for giving some people the opportunity to show how decent other humans can be (unlike people who steal). You may be happy to know your little stunt didn't leave my children without food, as the store manager comped everything in my basket. Also, but filing a criminal complaint, I was able to get my ID replaced. For free. Today.

And I'm finally rid of the hated bald chick driver's license. AND I get to shop for a new wallet.

Rest assured, I'll be praying for you as I go through replacing my Sea World passports and other assorted cards. May your future endeavors be equally,um, fruitful.

The Redhead

  posted at 5:20 PM  

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