Friday, May 11, 2007
Warning: Shameless plug ahead!

I will readily confess that I'm not a huge fan of Christian fiction as a genre. But I've loved the personal connection of watching Amy Wallace grow and develop as an author over the years. Her first book, Ransomed Dreams, successfully blends romance and suspense, introduces characters intriguing enough that you'll want to know more of their stories (the second book in the series is due out next spring!), and communicates the truth of forgiveness in Christ without being trite or "preachy".

Check it out...and it you enjoy it as much as those of us who know and love Amy did, would you call your library and local bookstore and ask them to carry it too?

Thanks from a friend and fan.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My friend Jess, wrote me the sweetest letter today.
Most of the words I'll savor privately, but I LOVED this bit:
"We all need someone who is just a little further down the road of Motherhood to encourage us..."
So, in honor of Mother's Day, here's a shout out to thirteen amazing moms in my life:
1. My Mom (of course!). She's not "perfect", but she's one of my best friends, and I literally don't think I could have survived the last year without her intensive support.

2.My Mother-in-law. How could you not admire the parenting that produced my dh? I also love how she prays for my family and encourages me in my parenting. She is also a key member of the official chemo "dream team"!

3.My first mentor, Debra. She was a huge influence on my early parenting. She also introduced me to home birth and homeschooling. I knew whenever she wanted to "grab a cup of coffee" I was in for it (grin), as she never failed to speak the truth in love when she saw me faltering.

4. My sister-in-law, Susan. She's "further down the road" with two of her children--and their characters testify to their being raised in truth and love. I also can't fathom how she does all that she does--I'd love to be a fraction as accomplished.

5.My best friend, Sally. I admire her passion in all she does--including motherhood, and her laid-back California girl personality has helped put the brakes on my type-A one. She's taught me that love (especially where small people are involved) is MESSY--and that the mess is okay! We've essentially grown up as mommies together, and shared hours of encouragement--not to mention babysitting, food, and gallons and gallons of coffee. I'm so thankful for cheap long distance, but I sure miss hanging out with her!

6. My friend Lynda. Lynda is "further down the road" in that she's a grandma, but she also has a sweet boy the same age as the Princess. Lynda is a born encourager--in action, prayer, and words. She'll never know just how much she's blessed me, even 1000 miles away.

7. My dear friend Laurie. She's also "further down the road", with her eldest preparing to get married this summer, but also with children similar in age to me. For a true spitfire (and I mean that in total love, Laurie!) she has an amazing gentleness born of wisdom in the way she deals with her boys that I pray to one day emulate.

8. My friend Meredith. Happy first Mother's Day, Meredith. I love your passionate love for baby K, and loved watching you prepare for her arrival. I'm not sure any baby was ever anticipated with such joy...and it has been a wonderful reminder of what gifts my little tribe are.

9. My friend Jess, author of the opening quote. Learning travels up and down the road of motherhood, as does encouragement. You are a blessing to me.

10. My author and momsloop friend, Amy W. We haven't know each other IRL very long, but your honesty inspires me, as does your love for your princesses , not to mention how you juggle homeschooling and a writing career. No "mommy Olympics" for you--or for me, thank you very much!

11. My friend Kim. Her love of Christ shines through in all she does--especially in this season, as she takes on the formidable task of single parenting. I long to be the prayer warrior that she is

12. Arlene G., a sweet saint who was in my Community Bible Study core group several times over the years. She served as a missionary in Thailand for over 30 years and raised and home schooled 5 children in an era where ALL MK's went to boarding school. All of her grown children are believers raising their children to serve Christ. She's the matriarch of an amazing Godly legacy and she never saw or spoke to me on the phone without saying something encouraging.

13. The momsloop moms--you've been encouragement and inspiration over the years (has it really been nine years?). I want to be all of you when I finally grow up!

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Monday, May 07, 2007
Baby Steps
Long time, no blog .

If I've learned anything in the last few months, it's that I my energy reserve is finite...and if most of it is going into cellular recovery, there's little left over (especially for blogging) after basic care and schooling for four other people. Of course, If I had the choice of where my energy could go right now, I'd showcase my excessive vanity and direct it into regrowth of my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes...

I've officially been cleared to "go and live my life" by my oncologist, and am not scheduled to return to the cancer center until late June (just for blood work, CT scan, and doctor's visit). While I've tried to "live my life" while undergoing treatment, it was seriously limited, and continues to be limited as I slowly recover--no medicine is as effective as time, and my stamina seems to be keeping pace with my hair regrowth! However, I've been able to take baby steps towards what could possibly be called normal.

Last weekend, I was able to spend in Atlanta with Amy W., Amy R., Laurie, and Sally (my best friend from Arizona) at the launch of Amy's new book. It was a time of fellowship, laughter and even some really good chocolate (thanks Dave, Amy, and girls!). My body was wiped out from the late nights of fun, but my spirit could have flown home without the AirTrans was that good to be with like-minded friends!

I was encouraged again this morning by a visit with my friend Peggy (from AZ as well). She was staying at Disney and had set aside the last morning of her visit to have breakfast with me. After taking her to the airport, I was surprised by a "power surge" of energy that saw me through running errands with the kids.

The path to "normal" (and I use the phrase with trepidation) is still long and winding. We're in our yearly school decision mode, the floors need washing, and I still don't have pictures hung in the living room, our room, or the baby's bedroom. And said "baby" needs to begin toilet training. But those are baby steps best left for another day. Today I think my body (and my family) would be best served by mom grabbing a rest while the little guy finishes his nap.

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